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Department Founder

Creative & Acquisition Services Director, Client Services
Scope: Creative Direction, Design, UI/UX, Project Management, Staffing, Development Requirements, Field Marketing, Branding

– Staff and supervise the Creative Services Team – Art Director, Designer, Full Stack Web Developer, and Project Manager

– Responsible for combining research, customer and internal campaign goals, messaging priorities, platform limitations and potential offering growth areas into creative briefs and campaign playbooks – to focus and motivate

– Concept new activation platform enhancements showcasing UI and UX enhancements alongside user acceptance criteria for coordinating internal development sprints

– Establish the consistent methodology for delivering data implementation services including pre-sale discovery, client expectation setting, data import processes, data-specific best practices and results reporting

– Support marketing, client partner, services, and sales departments with design/strategy/messaging for collateral, reports, presentations and marketing campaigns

Creative services dollars in closed sales since 2016

Internal Positioning

A merger comes with many challenges. Logistics, market expectations, roadmaps, and general cultural differences to name a few. Our fit within Umbel became evident as a few months past and the platform found a place as the “Premium Activation” offering, which, was an upsell opportunity supported by my “Creative Services” staff (Creative Director, Project Managers, Art Direction, Designer, Full stack developer) that crafts highly customized and awareness building engagements for our current and prospect customer pool. Basically, a mini-agency within a SASS company infrastructure. The Creative Services team would utilize the auto-generated Lodestone templates and modify them (front and backend customizations at times) to our customer’s specifications.

the below graphics explain how we fit within the Umbel universe.




Metrics make the world go 'round

The new marketing world revolves around accurate an insightful metrics. Proving ROI and delivering understandable results reporting that can be easily circulated (and understood) through all ranks. Here is a template the Creative Services team uses to send end of campaign reports to our customers. All of these numbers are compiled from either our platform dashboard or through Google Analytics.

SXSW Event

On a budget

Project: SXSW Umbel

Role: Creative Direction / Project Managment

Problem: With short timelines and limited budget, Umbel still needs to leverage the SXSW Festival (sports in particular) to connect with key prospects (and entertain current clients) that will be attending a SXSW event. It is an excellent opportunity to discuss and answer questions about the recent merger with MVPindex. This effort is highly focused and without waste. (Account Based Marketing approach)

Solution: Umbel will further communicate the recent merger with MVPindex, strengthen customer relationships, enforce it’s value prop, and move deals to their next phase.

Executions: Interactive event wall / Webinar / Caricature booth / Sales spiff / Promotion / Baseball card leave behind / Email outreach / Playbook / Swag bag


SBJ Ad Announcement

Concept / Art direction / Design / Production

Branding Excercise

Ther merger of MVPindex and Umbel proved to be an exciting time for us to rebrand. The branding process I employed is a modification of the same process that I have been using under my mentor Matt Manroe for many years.

Let’s make a brand…


Trifold Brochures (NBA Marketing and Leaders)


Platform Creations For the past 7 years, I have created and utilized this platform to create hundreds of campaigns.