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Two full-time+ jobs.
One massive platform.


Our second pivot was retooling the platform from a Facebook-focused limited grid format to a  more fluid mobile-first responsive environment. The considerations for our 70+ modules were immense. I tried to take the best use cases we have compiled from our 43 college clients and turned it into an extensible templating engine that can easily prop-up and manage the majority of our deployment limitations and client goals. Though we have sunsetted the rewards structure of the platform, the majority of these templates still are used to run all of Umbel’s campaigns.


Every client was unique, yet they all had to work within the platform limitations with as few development updates that can be mustered. Product development was driven by market pressures, and resources – being lean – had to be used when deemed profitable or for account support. This situation gave me a needed box for creation so I could move swiftly. I have created 100’s of these programs. Here are a few.


Reimagining a new world for Lodestone. We created “admin_V2” which was destined to be a more user-friendly client admin interface with two tracks for program creators and content producers. Unfortunately, never made it to the light of day. Yet, in the hands of Umbel, it has evolved under my guidance to a more successful UX.